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Taiwan Helps the World Envision a Better Future

By the end of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, which reportedly started in the December of 2019, has caused more than 82 million cases and 2 million death. Currently some countries have begun to vaccinate, but they also have been hampered by the new virus variation. Taiwan has just announced that it will start to lock the country for one month in January 2021 and prohibit foreigners from entering. ...

Green Energy and Environment
Sustainable Energy and Energy as a service
IEKView:Evolution of Smart Lighting Drives New Applications

The global market for general lighting is closely related to the economics and population growth, higher urbanization and energy efficiency requirements. A strong economic growth and high levels of...

Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity Technology and Applications
IEKView: Advantages of Information Security Companies from Taiwan in the Post COVID-19 Era

In recent years, China has been developing a variety of applications in Big Data collection and analysis. The collection of Big Data includes personal biometric data such as facial recognition, fin...

5G Communication Key Technologies and Applications
Roles of Research Institutes for Supporting Digital Transformation: ITRI Cases

Stephen Su, VP and General Director of ITRI/ISTI, was invited to share “Roles of Research Institutes for Supporting Digital Transformation” at the 20th International Conference on Indus...

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