IC Industry

IEKTopics 2019|Ecosystem Creation: Science-Technology Value-added to Converging Services

In the face of global digital technology trends, industries are continuously innovating and developing new business models. However, service industries and manufacturing SMEs in Taiwan have long lacked innovation thrust which can lead to problems when they plan to transform and upgrade, or enhance brand value in the future. This publication advocates that industries should employ new technology...

Green Energy and Environment
PV and Lighting
IEK360 Series|Development of Geothermal Resources in Taiwan by Learning from the Experience of Other Countries

Geothermal energy is capable of power generation around the clock and hence one of the few renewables that can serve as a baseload energy source. Climate change does not have much influence on geot...

Petrochemical materials
Petrochemical and New Materials Industry
IEKView:Business Opportunities of the Plastic Economy

Plastics are versatile materials. They are lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant and ideal for thermal insulation and electrical insulation. They are cheap to manufacture, and the production vo...

5G Communication Key Technology and Applications
Roles of Research Institutes for Supporting Digital Transformation: ITRI Cases

Stephen Su, VP and General Director of ITRI/ISTI, was invited to share “Roles of Research Institutes for Supporting Digital Transformation” at the 20th International Conference on Indus...

Interdisciplinary Technology
Green Energy and Environment
Petrochemical materials
International Observatory and Case Study
Components and Materials
Internet of Things