Industrial Consultancy

We offer advice to clients on foresight, innovation, entrepreneurship, policy, and industrial outlook.

Think Tank Services

By participating directly in crafting Taiwan's industrial and technology policies, and with a tight grip on science and technology (S&T) evolution in major countries, we are well suited to assist S&T administrations in formulating strategies and plans.

Management Advisory Service

We help businesses improve their performance by means of integrating information technology and knowledge management into workable solutions.

Technology Strategic Management Consulting Service

Our profound understanding of the technology world positions us to offer executives unique insights regarding patent deployment, technology applications, and market prospects for use in making R&D or investment decisions.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Consulting Service

We provide professional analysis on the dynamics of international resources, such as talent, technology, and capital, which are critical to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Advanced Technology Strategy Consulting Service

Using technology forecast and scenario analysis, we sketch out blueprints of the core technologies under development. Firms need such blueprints to chalk out strategies for new product development and market expansion.

Learning Activities

To help managers shoulder the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive business environment, we organize a variety of seminars and training courses that address the broader economic and industrial implications related to the rise of the knowledge economy.

Industrial Information Network

The Industrial Information Network is a platform through which a broad spectrum of comprehensive analyses on industrial trends is provided to contracted members. Our senior analysts put their expertise at the service of business clients by collecting and analyzing data on the industrial environment, markets, new products, the landscape of enterprises, and technology development. Business clients are able to tap into a web-based treasury, acquiring integrated, systematic, and well-focused information with regard to the up-, mid-, and downstream parts of their respective industries for decision making.


1. Robust Research Team

With over 150 professional consultants and analysts, we are well known for our unique coverage of industrial and market analysis on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In addition, we also cooperate with outside scholars to ensure our research quality. We have accumulated experience over many years and have gained strong recognition by providing valuable industry information and services. As a result, our bespoke services and unique research have gained high recognition and unreserved praise from customers.

2. Spheres of Expertise

Our research studies cover electronics, information, communications, nanotechnology, petrochemicals, chemical materials, biotechnology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and regional industrial development. Besides complete in-depth evaluations and research in the high-tech and mainstream industries, we also provide research in other sectors. In response to emerging issues, our recent research interests have spanned green energy, technology-enabled services, and urban development. We exclusively focus on studying domestic and certain foreign policies and future development, while also acting as an advisor to the government in planning policies on technology and industry. Study on foresight and on technology-enabled innovative services is done by observing development trends in advanced countries and newly emerging regions. We also actively assist the government in formulating competitive policies while promoting the dissemination of research results and industrial innovation and development.


Our unique role as a government think tank has placed us in close contact with several government entities that set policies for industrial development and the nation's economy. Through our association with key policy makers along with our success-driven services, we have built a network of partnerships and formed strategic alliances with local and global organizations in all industries.