2023 IEKTopics|Moving towards a Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Net Zero – Sustainable Energy, Net Zero – Smart Energy Efficiency, Net Zero and Sustainability-Business countermeasure and opportunity, Energy Systems Integration and Emerging Applications

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Our past lifestyles have not been low carbon. What is a desirable low-carbon lifestyle to achieve a decarbonized society?

First, it is important to aim for a lifestyle that reduces CO2 emissions associated with energy consumption in daily life. Specifically, it is necessary to reduce energy consumption from fossil fuels and shift to a lifestyle that uses electricity produced from renewable energy sources. In addition, Japan has an extremely low energy self-sufficiency rate and is dependent on large imports of fossil fuels from overseas. Under such socioeconomic conditions, it is not easy to introduce large amounts of renewable energy in a short period. Therefore, reducing wasteful energy consumption is also an important measure toward a low-carbon lifestyle...

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