2023 IEKTopics|Human Augmentation towards Interverse Services

Net Zero – Sustainable Energy, Net Zero – Smart Energy Efficiency, Net Zero and Sustainability-Business countermeasure and opportunity, Energy Systems Integration and Emerging Applications

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The Phygital World is a seamless connection between the physical world in which human lives as living organisms and the digital world in which digitalized humans and environments act. Through the Phygital World, humans can get freedom from the constraints of the physical world and can be Augmented Humans. For example, human will be able to move freely across time and space, be in multiple places at the same time, and be able to gather without spatial restrictions. Such Augmented Humans will change the manufacturing and maintenance, will also increase the value of various service industries such as tourism, customer service, nursing care, medical care, and education. The Phygital World can create Augmented Humans, therefore the Phygital World requires Human Augmentation technology.

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