2020 IEKTopics|Resilience Can Carry You Through All Challenges


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For cross-domain innovations to succeed, one must remember that people is the key and innovation roles are the core. We summed up four key innovation roles from our case studies: the Innovation Scout, Innovation Facilitator, Determined Experimenter, and Resource Initiator. Innovation Scouts search for information related to cross-domain innovations. For example, Dr. Ching-yung Lin, the founder and CEO of Graphen, Inc., borrowed the solution initially applied in human behavior prediction and financial data security management and deployed it in the biomedicine industry via cross-domain application methods. Innovation Facilitators merge innovative ideas with technologies and market trends, and evaluate the possibility and potential of developing the combination into innovative products or services. For instance, when Toyota-HY Project Consultant Cristina Zubillaga and her team developed the acoustic vehicle alert system (AVAS) for their next-gen electric vehicle, they introduced a device that emits a specific frequency of sound which also helps to stimulate plant growth. Determined Experimenters are the experts who solve problems. They are constantly transforming new ideas into prototypes. An example would be SAP’s Global Lead for Cross-Generation Intelligence Annice Joseph who is promoting multi-generational collaborations within the company to generate co-creation solutions. Resource Initiators connect ideas with resources for execution: Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation set up the National Mutual Assistance Connection Center in 2010. Volunteer service groups from all over the nation can interact and share their resources on the platform to help take better care of elderly community members that live alone.

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