A Leading Industrial Trends and Policy Research Center

The Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI) was inaugurated on June 30, 2000 to help business in Taiwan meet revolutionary changes in a fast moving knowledge economy. Since its genesis, ISTI has been providing customers with value-added, multi-disciplinary information and IEK Consulting services on ground of its in-depth research in industrial development and technological foresight. It promptly responds to clients’ needs in an ever-changing environment by coordinating vast R&D capabilities from its parent organization, the nonprofit Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and by taking advantage of ITRI’s footing in the international arena. With its knowledge management and active interactions with government and industries, IEK Consulting helps the nation gain competitive advantages as well as helps the business community create value.


ISTI is dedicated to becoming an Asian-Pacific industrial research institute and to providing services in growth.

Capabilities and Services

IEK Consulting Robust Research Team

IEK Consulting has more than 200 technology and management analysts and professional consultants with extensive research skills and practical experience. It also has nearly 6,000 experts from ITRI’s laboratories & research centers in a form of joint research to provide customers with one-stop, high quality solutions. In addition, IEK Consulting also cooperates with outside scholars to ensure its research quality. As a result, IEK Consulting tailored services and unique researches have gained high recognition and unreserved praises from customers.


IEK Consulting studies cover electronics, information, communications, nanotechnology, petrochemical, chemical materials, bio-technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and regional industrial development. In response to emerging issues, IEK Consulting recent research interest spans green energy, technology-enabled services, and urban development. IEK Consulting devotes all its effort to production and market analysis, demand forecast, leading corporate strategies, competitor analysis, industry development and trends, key issue evaluation, and supply chain development. IEK Consulting also actively assists the government in formulating competitive policies while promoting dissemination of research results and industrial innovation and development.

Diverse and Integrated Value-Added Services

IEK Consulting has accumulated many years of research information to provide on IEKNet. This online service, which is in the form by research domain, includes analysis on major industrial news, introduction to new technologies and products, specific research outcomes, on-demand consulting service, workshops, and archive of research reports. Details of the Industry Information Network are available at http://ieknet-eng.iek.org.tw.


IEK Consulting publishes industry yearbooks, research analysis, monographs on hot topics, and industry observations.

Workshops and Forums

IEK Consulting regularly hosts national as well as international workshops and forums on new products and emerging industry sectors, technology trends, policies, and international competition. Speeches delivered by industry practitioners, government officials, scholars, and overseas experts allow participants to catch industry dynamics. Interactions with the speakers also help update participants on the latest industry developments and know-how.

Industry Consultancy Services

IEK Consulting helps its clients create value, achieve high performance, and emerge even stronger through its groundbreaking research and hands-on facilitation experience.

IEK Consulting plays a unique role as a government think tank enables it to have close contacts with several government entities that set policies for industry development and the nation’s economy. Its association with key public policy makers along with its success-driven services has built a network of partnerships and formed strategic alliances with local and global organizations in various industries.

  • Government:
    • Including Executive Yuan, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Transportation & Communication, etc.
  • Domestic enterprises or associations:
    • Including renowned domestic companies in semiconductor, information & communications, biotechnology, petrochemical, rubber & plastics, machinery, and financial industries as well as business associations and organizations.
  • Foreign enterprises or business associations:
    • Including major multinational companies in semiconductor, information & communications, machine tools, and petrochemical industries as well as renowned business associations and organizations.